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Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center joins SC Veteran Coalition

January 24, 2023


AUGUSTA, GA (SCDVA) - Veterans in South Carolina now have more resources and support options through the South Carolina Veteran Coalition across state lines. On January 17, 2023 the Charlie Norwood Department of Veterans' Affairs Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia, partnered with SCDVA by joining the Coalition.

The Norwood VA Medical Center provides primary care and specialty health services, including mental health, physical therapy and rehabilitation, spinal cord injury treatment and much more. Norwood VA is the second VA medical center to join the South Carolina Veteran Coalition, following the Ralph H. Johnson Department of Veterans' Affairs Medical Center.

Robert Reeder"We actually have two campuses...Here at our uptown campus we have a blind rehab...primary care, community living centers and our nursing homes are also here." said Charlie Norwood VA Associate Director Robert Reeder" Downtown, at our other location, we have our in-patient facility, we have a spinal cord injury and diseases facility as well as our specialty clinics..."

bs"SCDVA works through the South Carolina Veteran Coalition to provide referrals to our Veterans in need. Our USDVA Medical Centers and network of Clinics are our first choice for Veterans’ health. We want to continue to build trust in this system and know that the entire team is doing their best to support South Carolina Veterans.  I want to build trust in our Veterans to know that if we send them to the VA they're going to get the best care that they can get and that's happening right here at the Norwood Medical Center in August, as they serve South Carolina Veterans," says SCDVA Director of Operation Dave Rozelle. 

"SCDVA is proud of our partnerships with agencies, like our USDVA Medical Centers, who create a wide area of coverage for health care, just as Goodwill supports employment support, and Harvest Hope provides food for the food insecure.  We want partners that provide support for the demand signal our Veterans provide and we can get them the help they need. When it comes to Veterans’ health, we're sending them first to the VA, which is why this is so critical today."

Veterans in South Carolina who live in counties closest to Augusta, GA can utilize the following facilities:

Charlie Norwood Dept. of Veterans' Affairs Medical Center
950 15th Street
Augusta, GA 30904
(706) 733-0188


Augusta VA Medical Center – Uptown
One Freedom Way
Augusta, GA 30904
(706) 733-0188


Aiken VA Clinic
951 Millbrook Avenue
Aiken, SC 29803-6526
(706) 733-0188 ext. 45611

For more information on services offered at Charlie Norwood Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center click here.