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The SC Department of Veterans' Affairs is conducting an anonymous survey for Veterans. Your feedback is appreciated. CLICK HERE to take the survey.

Who We Are

Office of the Secretary

Secretary William F. Grimsley Joseph McLamb TerryLynn Di Chiara Candace Terry
Secretary William
F. Grimsley
Joseph McLamb
Chief of Staff
TerryLynn Di Chiara
Executive Assistant
Candace Terry
Director of Governmental Affairs


Division Of Administrative Services
Aid South Carolina veterans in applying for, attaining, and utilizing all benefits to which they are entitled.

Stanley A. Foreman Tiffany Howard
Stanley Foreman 
Director of Administration
Tiffany Howard
Senior Field Office
Perry Williams Maureen Quzack
Perry Williams
Field Office Supervisor
Maureen Quzack
Field Office Supervisor


Office of Public Information
Inform and educate the public, State and local leaders, and Veterans on all matters pertaining to Veterans.

Brandon Wilson Haley Huff Bobby Herpel  
Brandon Wilson
Public Information Director
Haley Huff
Public Information Assistant
Bobby Herpel
Social Media Coordinator


Military Base Task Force
Identify issues affecting military bases or personnel in South Carolina, develop solutions, and coordinate to implement those solutions

Dan Beatty Sandy Claypoole
Dan Beatty
Sandy Claypoole
Program Manager


Division of Training and Standardization
Develop, implement, assess, and revise as required standard operating procedures across the Department, to include developing and conducting initial and sustainment training

Steven Noonan Patrick Spence Anthony Maikkula Tony Cooper
Steven Noonan
Director of Training and Standardization
Patrick Spence
Accreditation Coordinator
Anthony Maikkula
War Roster Coordinator
Tony Cooper
War Roster Coordinator


State Integration Coalition Division
Integrate the effects of all entities in the State that provide a service to Veterans or their families.

Matt St. Clair Heather Durant-McEady    
Matt St. Clair
Chief Integration Officer
Heather Durant-McEady
Women Veterans Coordinator