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IMPORTANT UPDATE - U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs accelerates healthcare enrollment under the PACT Act. CLICK HERE to learn more about the enrollment process.

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Veteran and Family Needs Assessment Survey

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ASK THE QUESTION: Medical Services


Importance of Asking the Question

Healthcare and Medical professionals encounter Veterans, service members, and military families, but they don't always know it. Veterans do not always identify themselves. They can be proud and stoic, and don’t always ask for help themselves. They may minimize the effect of military service on their health, which can lead to missed diagnoses and incomplete treatment. Veterans need to be aware that they can go to the Veteran’s Affairs Medical Care for treatment or seek treatment by civilian doctors. It is of great benefit to a Veteran and his/her doctor or practitioner if they understand the relationship between military experiences and medical symptoms, as well as having the ability to collaborate effectively with military-Veteran healthcare providers. The way to know that is to ASK!

When the Answer is YES

By asking if he/she has served in the military, the doctor or practitioner will then be able to find out more about the Veteran’s service experience that will facilitate appropriate diagnosis, treatment planning, and referrals. Asking further questions will also help to:

  • Build rapport and demonstrate interest by listening to the Veteran
  • Identify any physical, medical and/or mental health issues related to service experience that will need further diagnostic work or treatment, or will impact treatment goals
  • Identify family supports and links to any needed military and Veteran resources and referrals, including both VA and non-VA programs

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