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SC Tuition Assistance for Certain War Veterans’ Children

Provides a tuition waiver for qualified children of certain military Veterans applying to or enrolled in a South Carolina state supported college, university or post high school technical education school; or acceptance into a dual enrollment/early college credit program prior to graduating high school. Qualifying Veterans and students must meet certain residency requirements. 

For a list of Veteran eligibility requirements, and state-supported institutions, scroll below.

• Do not mail or fax paper applications.

• Do not submit duplicate applications; doing so hinders processing time.

• Once applications are submitted, applicants will receive an automated response immediately. Please note, applicants will not receive status updates during processing. 

• Approval letters will be emailed (to institution of choice), and denial letters will be sent to students electronically via email.

• Processing times may vary based on the volume of applications received.


Please call (803) 647-2434 for any questions regarding the program