Secretary's Intent


The Department's Purpose

The South Carolina Department of Veterans' Affairs exists to serve this state's Veterans, service members, and their families and to promote the value Veterans bring to their communities and their fellow citizens.

Key Tasks We Must Accomplish

  • Assist Veterans with securing all federal and state services and benefits to which they are entitled.

  • Develop programs and processes to support lifelong Veteran needs (e.g. SC Veteran Coalition)

  • Set statewide conditions that help Veterans to thrive.

  • Operate State Veteran Homes to the highest industry standards.

  • Advocate for the state's active military presence and the state's strategic role in national security.

  • Support efforts to leverage Veteran talents for state economic growth.

End States We Aim to Create in South Carolina

  • South Carolina's Veterans and their families believe themselves to be sound in mind and body, satisfied by the dignified manner in which they are treated, respected by their fellow citizens, and proud of their continuing contributions.

  • South Carolina actively supports the state U.S. Department of Defense footprint and recognizes the state's strategic importance to national security.

  • South Carolina is the post-service location of choice for transitioning service members and the state actively leverages their talents for economic growth.

Office of the Secretary

Secretary Todd McCaffrey             Joseph McLamb              Terrylynn Di Chiara

Todd B. McCaffrey
Secretary of Veterans' Affairs


Joseph McLamb
Chief of Staff


Terrylynn Di Chiara
Executive Assistant

 Edward Bell    Colleen Clark    

Edward Bell
Director of Government Affairs


Colleen Clark
General Counsel


Division of Resource Management

Resource the advancement of human-capacity building and sustainment for Veterans and their families.

Bobby Patterson, Jr.            Robert Hoskins



Fanta Coleman

Bobby Patterson, Jr.
Chief Financial Officer


Robert Hoskins
Deputy Director of Facilities Management


Fanta Coleman
Resource Management Officer

Juanita Credle        

Juanita Credle
Grants Manager


Division of Veteran Services

Assist Veterans and their families in obtaining the services and benefits to which they are entitled.

Tim Frambes             Patricia Wortherly-Foye



Perry Williams

Tim Frambes
Director of Veteran Services


Patricia Wortherly-Foye
Deputy Director of Veteran Services


Perry Williams
Columbia VA Field Office Supervisor

 Katreena Spann    Nikki Owens   Lavetta Bernard

Katreena Spann
Charleston VA Field Office Supervisor


Nikki Owens
Claims Representative

  Lavetta Bernard
Claims Representative
Patrick Spence    Eddie Wilson    Beret Skorpen-Tifft
Patrick Spence
Administrative Coordinator
  Eddie Wilson
Regional Office Administrative Assistant
  Beret Skorpen-Tifft
War Roster Administrator

Office of the M.J. Dolly Cooper Veterans Cemetery

Wade Breaud            Jill Coker



Kayla Singleton

Wade Breaud


Jill Coker
Administrative Assistant


Kayla Singleton
Administrative Specialist

Jason McClain        
Jason McClain
Cemetery Representative

Division of Veteran Homes

Assist Veterans and their families in obtaining the services and benefits to which they are entitled.

Heyward Hilliard            Anthony Fields



Charles Gambrell

Heyward Hilliard
Director of Veteran Homes


Anthony Fields
Contract Monitor


Charles Gambrell
Contract Monitor

Shamera Stephens   Rebekah Chandler    
Shamera Stephens
Contract Monitor
  Rebekah Chandler
Contract Monitor

Office of Public Information

Inform and educate the public, State and local leaders, and Veterans on all matters pertaining to Veterans. 

Brandon Wilson            Kiana Miller



Avery Ledwell

Brandon Wilson
Director of Public information


Kiana Miller
Deputy Director of Public information


Avery Ledwell
Multimedia Coordinator

Shannon Simmons        
Shannon Simmons
Social Media Coordinator

Division of Military Affairs

Advocate for Veterans, military installations, service members and families.

Sandy Claypoole            Jason Fowler




Sandy Claypoole
Director of Military Affairs


Jason Fowler
Military Affairs Coordinator


Division of Operations

David Rozelle            Dan Wrightsman



Paulette Dunn

David Rozelle
Director of Operations


Dan Wrightsman
Deputy Director of Operations

  Paulette Dunn
Upstate Regional Integration Officer
Jade Berkley   Jean Brooks   Alexis Spry
Jade Berkley
Pee Dee Regional Integration Officer
  Jean Brooks
Lowcountry Regional Integration Officer
  Alexis Spry
Transitional Housing Officer
Thomas Kreitzer   Al Taylor   Gabriel Trujillo
Thomas Kreitzer
Operations Training Officer
  Al Taylor
Senior Operations Coordinator
  Gabriel Trujillo
Senior Coalition Coordinator
Elizabeth Martin   Rodney Oldham   Kailay Washington
Elizabeth Martin
Plans & Assessment Officer
  Rodney Oldham
Coalition Coordinator
  Kailay Washington
Operations Coordinator
Sean Martin   Alexus Outing    
Sean Martin
Intake Specialist (SC Veteran Coalition)
  Alexus Outing
Social Service Manager (SC Veteran Coalition)