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Recognized Veteran-Friendly Employers

Businesses highlighted on this page represent those that have met the required criteria by the South Carolina Department of Veterans’ Affairs (SCDVA) to be named a Veteran-Friendly Employer. This page is not in any way an endorsement by SCDVA of services offered by any business entity.


Palmetto State Armory

Bronze Standard


Palmetto State Armory received its recognition on December 13, 2023. Palmetto State Armory is based out of West Columbia and is a Veteran-Owned business.

Palmetto State Armory is a Veteran-Owned business that focuses on the recruitment, empowerment, and enhancement of Veterans lives by:

  • Supporting the Ask the Question Campaign
  • Supporting the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)
  • Employes a Corporate Recruiter for Veterans that attends TAP briefings in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia
  • Recognizes Veteran Holiday and military specific holidays
  • Offering a weekend shift that is equivalent to a full work week for college students
  • Collaborating with colleges and universities to enhance employees’ skills with courses such as reading blueprints and machine tooling

 As of 3 Nov 23, the total employee headcount is 1600 personnel. Of those, 243 are Veterans, representing 15% of their total workforce. 

Carolina Handling, LLC

Bronze Standard


Carolina Handling, LLC received its recognition on November 2, 2023. Carolina Handling, LLC is based out of Piedmont, SC and has operated as a one-stop-shop for everything intralogistics for warehouses for more than 57 years. This includes servicing scales, lift trucks, parts, lighting, racks, fans, power, as well as providing rental equipment. 

Carolina Handling focuses on the recruitment, empowerment, and enhancement of Veterans lives by:

  • Supporting the Ask the Question Campaign
  • Recognition of Veterans on Veteran Day or military specific holidays
  • Supporting the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)
  • Offering virtual and on-site training on forklift training, warehouse safety training and forklift technician training
  • Collaborating with colleges and universities to enhance employees’ skills with certifications, internships, and apprenticeships.

As of 11 Oct 23, the total employee headcount is 759 personnel. Of those, 93 are Veterans, representing 12.25% of their total workforce. 

InfoQuest Inc.

Bronze Standard


InfoQuest Inc. received its recognition on October 17, 2023. Based out of Surfside Beach, InfoQuest Inc. is a certified Veteran-Owned Business (VSOB) that provides background checks for the Department of Defense and other government agencies. For more than 30 years, InfoQuest Inc., has provided personal and business services such as tenant screening for landlords and exit and stay interviews for employers.   

InfoQuest Inc., focused their efforts on the recruitment of Veterans by:                              

  • Identifying and connecting with Veterans through their Applicant Tracking System application
  • Collaborating with academic institutions such as Coastal Carolina to offer internships for military affiliated students
  • Recognizing Veterans on Veterans Day
  • Offering Veteran Peer to Peer Mentoring

  As of 25 September 23, the total employee headcount is Seven (7) personnel.  Of those, three (3) are Veterans, representing 43% of their total workforce. The senior management roles are filled by 29% Veterans.        

Clemson University

Bronze Standard


Clemson University received its recognition on September 5, 2023. Clemson University employs a Director of Military and Veteran Engagement and a Talent Acquisition Partner. The University implements an internal hiring preference for Veterans by ensuring qualified Veterans are guaranteed 1st round interviews at the University. Every department has recruiters assigned to Veterans to ensure onboarding success and transition into the University culture. Clemson University Grow training program provides a framework to support the personal and professional growth of Clemson University staff in full-time positions.  

 As of 13 July 23, the total employee headcount is 6035 personnel. Of those, 471 are Veterans, representing 8% of their total workforce. Clemson University is an approved DOD Skill bridge site and outcomes includes a 100% job offer rate. Other Veteran Programs include the Veteran Commission, Military Veteran Education Center, and Clemson CARE.


Bronze Standard


Anmed received its recognition on September 5, 2023. AnMed is a 533-bed hospital that offers acute, inpatient services and has a VetNet to support their military employees. The mission of VetNet is to support military employees and promote the values and guided behaviors of accountability, integrity, collaboration, compassion, and innovation. AnMed focuses on the recruitment, empowerment, and enhancement of Veterans lives by:

  • Employing a Veteran Recruiter Position and a Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Manager.
  • Identifying Veterans during new employee orientation and giving custom lanyards indicating military service. 
  • Coordinating an annual Veterans Day Observance featuring Quilts of Valor presentations to military employees, keynote speakers and musical renditions by local elementary and high school choirs. 
  • Celebrating Military Month Appreciation Observance. 
  • VetNet meets quarterly in the spring and summer and monthly in the fall and winter.

As of 25 Aug 23, the total employee headcount is 3,560 personnel. Of those, 289 are Veterans, representing 8% of their total workforce.  The Veteran Recruiter has completed the following PSYCH/ARMOR training: 

  • Create a Military-Friendly Culture & Onboarding Program              
  • Hiring & Retraining Veterans with Disabilities                                    
  • Hiring & Retaining Women
  • Creating a Spouse Hiring

Robbins Construction Group

Silver Standard


Robbins Construction received its recognition on September 18, 2023. Robbins Construction is a commercial general contractor operating in 38 states and based out of North Charleston.  It is also an approved DOD SkillBridge site that connects transitioning service members with real-world job experiences. Robbins Construction Group focuses on the recruitment, empowerment, and enhancement of Veterans lives by:

  • Recognizing Veteran employees on social media and within the organization year-round
  • Recognition of Veterans on Veteran Day or military specific holidays
  • Offering on-the-job training to Project Engineers and Project Managers through DOD SkillBridge and Apprenticeships
  • Offering a Veteran Peer to Peer Support Group for their Veteran employees and families
  • The Board of Director is part of the Rotary club and assist with events such as the yearly Alzheimer walk
  • Providing quarterly training such as First Aid, CPR and OSHA
  • Employing Veterans and their Spouses

As of 30 Aug 23, the total employee headcount is 28 personnel. Of those, 5 are Veterans, representing 17.86% of their total workforce.  At least 66.66% of Senior Management has completed the following PSYCH/ARMOR training: 

  • Create a Military-Friendly Culture & Onboarding Program              
  • Hiring & Retraining Veterans with Disabilities                                    
  • Hiring & Retaining Women
  • Creating a Spouse Hiring

 G&I Security

Bronze Standard


G&I Security received its recognition on September 18, 2023. G&I Security, LLC is the first Veteran Own Business in the Midlands to be recognized under the SCDVA Veteran Friendly Employer Recognition Program. G & I Security is a Veteran owned business specializing in securing businesses and citizens in the community. G & I Security has contracts with SC Housing Authorities in high crime housing areas. Each year the business donates food, clothing, and funds to the most needed in those communities.    

G & I Security focuses on the recruitment, empowerment, and enhancement of Veterans lives by:                 

  • Giving Veterans preference during the hiring phase
  • Working with state agencies such as OneStop and SCDVA to recruit Veterans
  • Providing initial and annually State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) Certified Security training to their employees 

As of 29 June 23, the total employee headcount is 8 personnel. Of those, 3 are Veterans, representing 37.5% of their total workforce. The senior management roles are filled by 12.5% Veterans.            

Greenville County Sheriff's Office

Gold Standard


The Greenville County Sheriff's Office is the latest organization to be recognized as a Veteran-Friendly Employer in the state of South Carolina. GCSO received Gold recognition on July 26, 2023 for their efforts in enabling thriving Veterans in the area by recruiting Veterans into their organization, empowering them to reach their full potential, and enhancing that same potential.

lewisAt the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office we take great provide in hiring and actively recruiting those who gave so much defending our country. We take great pride in fostering a workplace environment that our veterans are happy to call home and to be honored with this recognition is truly remarkable,” said Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis.

According to a report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation and USAA, in 2020, 36% of employers said they don’t believe their organization has been effective in hiring Veterans since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.Paulette

Business owners report that employing Veterans enhances the workplace as they work well as a team, they are organized, disciplined and possess a strong work ethic. Veterans strengthen our business communities when they are gainfully and purposefully employed by businesses who recognize their problem solving and adaptability skill sets,” said SCDVA Upstate Regional Integration Officer, Paulette Dunn.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs states that employers and companies benefit from hiring Veterans due to them being trained to possess multiple skills and having experience in various tasks and responsibilities.  

alI am proud to say that Transitioning Service Members and Veterans in the state continue to play vital roles in the workforce. Employers, like Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, and others, are continuing to work with SCDVA and other partner organizations across the state in the recruitment, education, training, and hiring of Veterans, said SCDVA Senior Operations Coordinator, Al Taylor.

"These concentrated efforts contribute immensely to South Carolina having a bigger, smarter, and stronger workforce in each region across the state. Here at SCDVA we take pride in advocating for Veterans daily, by assisting employers in gaining a better understanding of the talents and transferrable skills that Veterans bring to the workforce. It is a great honor to be presenting the South Carolina Department of Veterans’ Affairs Veteran Friendly Employer Recognition Award to Sheriff Lewis, and his team at the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.”

To learn more about SCDVA's Veteran-Friendly Recognition Program and how to apply CLICK HERE.

Georgia Pacific Clarendon OSB

Bronze Standard


Georgia Pacific Clarendon OSB received its recognition on July 27, 2023. The company currently operates five (5) manufacturing facilities in South Carolina, collectively employing more than 900 team members and providing close to $64 million in wages and benefits annually.  Georgia Pacific Clarendon OSB is a principal-based company that process wood logs into strands used in manufacturing-oriented strand boards (OSBs) that’s needed to meet the high-demand in the housing market.     

Georgia Pacific Clarendon OSB focuses on the recruitment, empowerment, and enhancement of Veterans lives by:

  • Heavily recruiting from the military community, including dependents, while actively creating an inclusive environment for them.
  • Implementing a pre-hire self-identification tool for military Veterans.
  • Offering employment opportunities to transitioning service members and their spouses from military installations, including Shaw Air Force Base.
  • Collaborating with technical colleges for educational opportunities and internships for electricians and millwrights which makes up 18% of their workforce. 

 As of 26 June 23, the total employee headcount is 170 personnel.  Of those, 17 are Veterans, representing 10% of their total workforce.  The senior management roles are filled by 15% Veterans.                

Upstate Warrior Solution and Greenville Police Department

Gold Standard

 UWS Greenville

The South Carolina Department of Veterans’ Affairs hosted a recognition ceremony to honor Veteran non-profit Upstate Warrior Solution and the Greenville Police Department as Gold-rated Veteran-Friendly Employers. Both entities were awarded on April 24, 2023.


The South Carolina Veteran-Friendly Employer Recognition Program highlights South Carolina business that enable thriving Veterans by:

  • Recruiting Veterans into their organization;
  • Empowering Veteran employees to reach their full potential; and
  • Enhancing the potential of Veteran employees.

Both Upstate Warrior Solution and Greenville Police Department have achieved gold standard based on 15% or more of their workforce being comprised of Veterans; 15% or more of their senior management positions are filled by Veterans; and at least 75% of the employer’s hiring managers have been trained in the past 12 months on the following:

  • Creating a Veteran-friendly culture and onboarding program.
  • Hiring and retaining Veterans with disabilities.
  • Hiring and retaining Women Veterans.
  • Creating a Veteran spouse hiring program.
  • Employer provides internship or apprenticeship programs.

Charlie HallCharlie Hall who is the President of Upstate Warrior Solution (UWS) says “UWS is proud to receive this recognition from SCDVA as a gold level Vet-Friendly Employer. We know from experience that Veterans are a force multiplier in the civilian world. Because of this, we're committed to not only recruiting and retaining Veteran employees, but also to providing support to Upstate businesses as they seek to do the same."

Chief Howie Thompson“It is an honor for the Greenville Police Department to be recognized by the South Carolina Department of Veterans’ Affairs with the Gold Standard Award,” says Greenville Police Chief Howie Thompson. This award highlights our efforts and recognizes our commitment to hiring veterans. Prior service is valued at the GPD which is demonstrated in our current ranks. Our department currently employs 60 Veterans (29.7% of the agency) and more than half of the hires this year are Veterans.”

Todd B. McCaffrey, the Secretary of the South Carolina Department of Veterans’ Affairs believes our state’s economy will continue to thrive with the unique skills and experiences of Veterans, and the employers who create space to effectively integrate those who served proudly into their workforce.

Secretary McCaffrey“We’re proud to honor Upstate Warrior Solution and Greenville Police for their gold-standard programs that empower and promote Veterans to thrive in the workplace. One of SCDVA’s focus areas is supporting the linkage of Veterans to employers through our coalition network. Highlighting Veteran-friendly employers not only brings awareness to recruitment efforts, but it also empowers Veterans to know that their commitment, skills, and expertise gained while serving in the military is valued and honored by employers. With nearly 30,000 Veterans living in Greenville County alone, our state’s economy benefits tremendously from their employment. Recognizing employers who are dedicated to hiring Veterans enhances the collective mission of creating an environment where our Veterans and military retirees live, work, and thrive in South Carolina for years to come.”

UWS MOU Signing

During the recognition ceremony, Upstate Warrior Solution was also honored by SCDVA with an official partnership signing to join the South Carolina Veteran Coalition

Greenville UWS 1

You can watch the recognition ceremony by clicking here.

Atlantic Electric

Gold Standard


Atlanta Electric, LLC received the Gold Standard Veteran Friendly Employer Recognition on March 14, 2023. Atlantic Electric, LLC is located in Charleston South Carolina and specializes in commercial, industrial, and institutional electrical installations, data cable, and fiber optic cable installation. Recognizing Veterans bring unique skill sets that include, selfless service, teamwork, and a strong work ethic, Atlantic Electric LLC makes hiring Veterans a priority for their company.

As of 14 March 2023, the total employee with Atlantic Electric LLC is 150 and of those, 26 are Veterans, representing 17% of the work force. Their recruiting efforts includes a training path for Veterans to progress from entry level positions to mid and senior level management positions. In addition, Atlantic Electric LLC works with Veteran Service Organizations to recognize Veterans in the community.

There is one hiring manager, Mrs. Sherri Marshall, who is trained on creating a Veteran friendly culture and created hiring programs for Women Veterans and Veterans with disabilities. In addition, Mrs. Marshall has Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training which creates a welcoming environment for Veterans to feel welcome in the company.

Morgan Corp

Bronze Standard


Morgan Corp is the first business to be recognized by the South Carolina Department of Veterans' Affairs as a Veteran- Friendly employer. They received their bronze standard recognition on January 23, 2023. Morgan Corp is a civil contractor and they received bronze level recognition for their efforts towards helping Veterans thrive through gainful employment. Morgan Corp. began as Morgan Landscape Company in 1945. Its founder, Ladson Morgan, was a World War II

Veteran and native South Carolinian. Morgan Landscape Company offered ground clearing, repair, and site preparation to clients in and around Spartanburg, South Carolina.The Johnson Family purchased the business in 1971 but retained the Morgan name as a nod to its beginnings and to Ladson. Morgan Corp. has since grown into one of the largest heavy civil construction companies in the Southeast. Morgan Corp recognized the skill sets, selfless service, teamwork, and strong work ethic of Veterans and the immediate positive impact they have on a work force

Morgan Corp focused their recruitment of Veterans by :

  • Creating relationships with Veteran and military employment coordinators throughout the state
  • Giving priority attention to Veteran applicants
  • Attending Veteran hiring events
  • Visiting and networking with the National Guard, Reserve, and active-duty military bases throughout the state
  • designating a member of the HR team as their Veteran Outreach, Recruiting and Retention Coordinator

As of 14 December 2022, their total number of employees were 670, with 53 of them being Veterans (7.1% of total workforce and 10% of management roles). One of the two hiring managers have completed the following training programs with Psych/Armor designed to improve the Veteran experience with Morgan Corp:

  • Hiring and Retaining Veterans with Disabilities
  • Hiring and Retaining Women Veterans
  • Creating a Military Spouse Hiring Program
  • Creating a Military Friendly Culture and Onboarding Program

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