Earmarked appropriations pass through the South Carolina Department of Veterans' Affairs to several nonprofit agencies. Prior to receiving the funds, each nonprofit must submit a plan outlining how the state funds will be spent and how the expenditures will provide a public benefit. These "Earmarked Appropriation Disbursement Request Forms" are published below.  

Quarter 3 2024

Quarter 2 2023

Quarter 1 2023

The South Carolina Department of Veterans' Affairs publishes these reports in accordance with Proviso 117.21 [PDF] of the Annual Appropriations Act and pursuant to Executive Order 2022-19.  The proviso and executive order provide guidance on the information state agencies are required to collect prior to and after disbursing earmarked appropriations included in the Annual Appropriations Act.  For more information, please read the EBO communication to Agency Chief Financial Officers (September 1, 2022) [PDF].